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  •   1. Air compressor input specific power  Unit input specific power refers to the ratio of the unit's input power to the exhaust volume under the specified exhaust pressure of the air compressor unit: unit input specific.  power = unit input power / exhaust volume.  The unit is: kW / (m3 / min). According to "GB19153 Volumetric Air C···
  •   1. Discharge volume  Displacement At the rated discharge pressure, The volume of gas discharged by the air compressor per unit time is converted to the volume of gas, which is the air compressor's discharge volume (that is, volumetric flow), the unit is m3 / min. Commonly known, the discharge volume of air compressor which means to how ···
  •   The firstAir team is pleased to announce this year's winner of the firstAir raffle! The firstAir brand presented its complete product portfolio of compressors, refrigerant dryers and compressed air filters again this year at the Hannover Messe 2019 stand. A special highlight this year was the introduction of the series with outputs fr···
  •   firstAir proudly introduces the extension of the product portfolio with compressors up to 90 kW! The product range now includes 8 new units: FAS 45 / 55 / 75 and 90 as fix speed versions and alike also available as FAS SC speed controlled alternative.  The design of the units is based on the same successful principle as before – a solid a···
  •   In March our firstAir service and sales training for our international partners took place. 12 participants from different countries joined the training at our site in Köngen.  The next training in English will take place on 23rd October 2018 and in German on 16th October 2018.
  •   The firstAir team proudly presents the prizewinner of our lottery at the Hanover fair 2017!  From 24. – April firstAir was represented with its own booth at the Hanover fair/ ComVac and introduced its new products and services. One particular highlight was the prize lottery for one firstAir compressor. A colourful painted “harlequin···
  •   Working process of twin screw air compressor  After the dust or impurities in the atmosphere are filtered out by the air inlet filter, the air enters the compressor main engine through the air inlet control valve, mixes with the injected cooling lubricating oil during the compression process, and the compressed mixed gas is discharged into ···
  •   Analysis of control direction of air compressor loading and unloading  1. Energy consumption analysis  Generally speaking, the loading and unloading control mode makes the pressure of compressed gas change between Pmin and Pmax. Pmin is the minimum pressure that can ensure the normal operation of users, also known as the minimum pressure va···

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