•   Working process of twin screw air compressor  After the dust or impurities in the atmosphere are filtered out by the air inlet filter, the air enters the compressor main engine through the air inlet control valve, mixes with the injected cooling lubricating oil during the compression process, and the compressed mixed gas is discharged into ···
  •   Analysis of control direction of air compressor loading and unloading  1. Energy consumption analysis  Generally speaking, the loading and unloading control mode makes the pressure of compressed gas change between Pmin and Pmax. Pmin is the minimum pressure that can ensure the normal operation of users, also known as the minimum pressure va···
  •   General safety precautions  1. Operation, repair and maintenance of air compressor must be carried out by qualified personnel.  2. The air compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial start-up or maintenance of the electric control system, before the air compressor starts, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation direction of the···
  •   In order to ensure the service life of the air compressor and its normal and reliable operation, it is necessary to formulate a detailed air compressor maintenance plan, determine the corresponding personnel, and regularly maintain the air compressor. Shenzhen air compressor equipment network provides you with professional air compressor ···
  •   The compressed air produced by the air compressor is impure. This is because the air compressor itself contains lubricating oil, in the compression work, there must be part of the lubricating oil mixed into the compressed air. In addition, the natural air itself contains some solid particles and water. When this kind of gas without purifi···
  •   1. Before the installation of the air compressor control valve, the pipeline dirt, anti rust grease, welding slag, etc. shall be cleaned; after the installation of the filter, the valve shall be at the maximum opening, the pipeline and valve shall be cleaned and the tightness of each connection shall be tested, so as to avoid stagnation o···
  •   Air compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipment in many enterprises. It is very necessary to keep the safe operation of air compressor. Strict implementation of the air compressor operating procedures will not only help to extend the service life of the air compressor, but also ensure the safety of the air compressor operator···
  •   1 、gas system  The air system consists of the following components  --Air inlet filter: filter the air entering the compressor to prevent sundries from entering the working chamber and improve the working life of the main engine.  --Unloading valve: control the air input, and conduct full load and no-load operation according to the actual a···

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