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Shanghai Essence Compressor Ltd. is a professional screw air compressor manufacturer,a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Fusheng group, and Shanghai Fusheng Beijing Fusheng Co., Ltd. has jointly established Fusheng air compressor product system, specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of screw air compressor. From Europe Essence screw air compressor has a unique combination of Chinese and Western products, equipped with an efficient head, a closer structural design, and less fuel consumption。 Intelligent control module system and friendly control panel provide fault self diagnosis and simple operation of the whole machine.

In addition, Essence has developed, planned and produced a series of machines with better performance than the market average, and the main parts connected to the mechanism, such as thermal control. Valve, air inlet valve and oil and gas barrel all make Essence products more reliable and durable. New high efficiency head and high efficiency electric horse connected with the head Reach and make the performance and displacement meet the requirements of high-tech