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  1、 In the same working environment comparison, through the oil mirror observation, to see whether the air compressor oil level has a significant drop. For example, if the oil level changes in front and back time under 7 bar load pressure, or if the oil level is different after 10 minutes of shutdown.

  2、 Check whether the installation of air compressor valves, pipes, etc. is correct, whether the sealing is good, and whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage at each connection.

  3、 Observe whether the condensate discharged from the air tank contains lubricating oil compared with the previous normal situation.

  Through the above three points, we can basically judge whether the air compressor has "oil leakage" fault. If the phenomenon of "running oil" of air compressor is not found out and solved in time, it will cause a series of fault problems.

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Update time:2020-03-17 03:41:58