Regular maintenance of main components: in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and the service life of the unit

  1、 Regular maintenance and repair of main components: in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan shall be formulated, and regular operation, maintenance and inspection shall be carried out to keep the air compressor unit clean, oil-free and dirt free. Refer to the following table for maintenance of main components: (note):

  A. When repairing and replacing the components according to the above table, it must be determined that the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, separated from other pressure sources, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected, and the safety sign of no closing has been made.

  B. The replacement time of air compressor cooling lubricating oil depends on the use environment, humidity, air compressor dust and whether there is acid-base gas in the air. The newly purchased air compressor shall be replaced with new oil after the first 500 hours of operation. After that, it shall be replaced every 3000 hours according to the normal oil replacement cycle. The machine with annual operation less than 3000 hours shall be replaced once a year.

  C. The air compressor oil filter must be replaced 300-500 hours after the first startup, 2000 hours after the second operation, and every 2000 hours after the normal time.

  D. When repairing and replacing the air filter or air inlet valve, be sure to prevent any sundries from falling into the main cavity of the screw air compressor. During the operation, the entrance of the main engine shall be closed. After the operation, the main engine shall be rotated several times by hand according to the rotation direction of the main engine to make sure that there is no obstruction, and then the machine can be started.

  E. Screw air compressor must check the belt tightness every 2000 hours or so. If the belt is loose, it must be adjusted until the belt is tensioned. In order to protect the belt, it is necessary to prevent the belt from being scrapped due to oil pollution in the whole process.

  F. The oil filter must be changed at the same time when changing oil.

  G. Please use the original accessories, otherwise the company will not be responsible for the machine accidents caused.

  2、 Clean the cooler: for every 2000h of operation of screw air compressor, in order to remove the dust on the cooling surface, it is necessary to open the cover of the cooling hole on the fan bracket, and use the air gun to clean the cooler until the dust on the cooling surface is cleaned. If the dirt on the surface of heat dissipation is serious and it is difficult to be cleaned, the cooler can be removed, the oil in the cooler can be poured out and the four inlets and outlets shall be closed to prevent the dirt from entering, then the dust on both sides shall be removed with compressed air or washed with water, and finally the water stains on the surface shall be dried. Replace it. Remember! Do not use iron brush and other hard objects to scrape away dirt, so as not to damage the radiator surface.

  3、 Discharge condensation: the moisture in the air may condense in the oil-gas separation tank, especially in wet weather, when the exhaust temperature is lower than the pressure dew point of the air or when the machine is shut down for cooling, more condensation water will be separated out. Too much water in the oil will cause emulsification of lubricating oil and affect the safe operation of the machine, such as:

  1. The main engine of screw machine is not well lubricated;

  2. Cause corrosion of parts. Therefore, the condensate discharge schedule should be established according to the humidity.

  Discharge method of condensate: it shall be conducted after the machine is shut down, there is no pressure in the oil and gas tank, it is fully cooled, and the condensate is fully precipitated, such as before starting in the morning. ① Screw out the front screw plug of the ball valve at the bottom of the oil-gas separation tank. ② Slowly open the ball valve to drain water until oil flows out, and close the ball valve. ③ Screw on the front screw plug of the ball valve.

  4、 Safety valve: the safety valve has been set before the whole machine leaves the factory. We don't encourage users to adjust the safety valve without permission. If adjustment is necessary, it shall be carried out under the guidance of the local labor safety department or the maintenance personnel of the company, otherwise the company will not be responsible for all consequences arising therefrom.

  5、 Suggestions for maintenance work: for general users, provide some suggestions for air compressor maintenance, users can refer to the implementation.

  1. Weekly: A. check whether the unit has abnormal sound and leakage; B. check whether the instrument reading is correct; C. check whether the temperature display is normal. Imported pump valve industrial washing machine

  2. Monthly: A. check if there is any rust or looseness in the machine. If there is rust, remove the rust and oil or paint, and tighten the looseness; B. drain the condensate.

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